Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baby Boom Time!!!

Slumber-kissed nights interspersed with the incessant chirp of baby budgerigars in my balcony has been my pride of the last couple of months. As the first brood of youngsters left the nest, the diligent mother set herelf to the task of raising another brood. Set to the endless task of cleaning her nest and feeding the ever-hungry fledgelings, her day seems busier than any regular birdie.
Budgerigars, natives of Australia, are very popular pets all over the world. Hardy, easy to care for and easily bred in captivity, the birds rarely survive if set free. I've known people who set their budgies free in an attempt to give them a better(free) life only to watch them being pecked to death my crows.
My neighbour recently rescued two budgies that someone had set free and had ended up on the crows' lunch menu.
Do educate people that though it's wrong to keep animals and birds caged, it's only fair to let the ones that were born and bred in captivity to live their life safely in the captive environment they're familiar with. That is the only world they know and setting them free only makes them easy prey for cats and crows.


Girish said...

Nice to see you back at Blogging. HOpe you can make it regular this time.
You might want to change settings of your blog to allow non blogger members to post comments on your blog.

R4y said...

Hmm.. i guess no surprise that baby boom time coincides with Spring :-)

The species of this earth completely are in tune with their mother (earth) and know when is the best time to have offspring.

Perhaps I shall also have babies in Spring :-)

featherbone said...

really really hate to admit it, but hey. i guess you're right.

Anonymous said...
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