Monday, November 03, 2008


The monsoon had beaten it's annual retreat leaving us PMSing (Post Monsoon Stress) with the advent of the October heat. Hoping to escape the grueling weather in the city we planned another trek.
We caught a 6am State Transport bus from Dadar and headed to Lonavala via the old Mumbai- Poona Highway. The old bus groaned as it climbed the winding ghats. Nonetheless, in a couple hours we were at the Lonavala ST stand just in time for a hearty breakfast at Ramakrishna.
Idli, dosa, hot samosa and a masala chai later we hopped into a sumo we'd hired and set off on our 20 km drive to the base village- Peth-Shahpur. The village of Peth-Shahpur is en route to INS Shivaji and Sahara Group's Amby Valley.
We parked our vehicle at the base village and started our trek.

The Koraigad fort is atop a steep hill at the height of 3,000 feet above sea level. The climb, although it looks steep, is fairly easy and takes approximately an hour. The path to the fort is along a flat plain initially and is covered with a carpet of yellow blossoms and multitudinous butterflies . It then winds though a moderately wooded path through a canopy of vegetation until you reach the steps of the fort. The climb is rendered much simpler because of the steps and yet it is steep and can leave you breathless.

It took us longer than an hour to get to the top. We stopped every now and then to admire the caterpillars and butterflies, to photograph the fort, a Ganesh Temple on the way, a few caves that were possibly granaries.
We entered the fort through the main darwaja
atop which a saffron flag fluttered in the wind.
The fort has no tree cover and is an expansive table land covered with fresh water ponds. The monsoon had left the fort covered in weeds and grass and the October sun beating down on it had transformed it into a yellow grassland. We explored the fort for a couple of hours letting the sun burn our skin despite the sunscreen, glares and hats we wore. We walked along the periphery of the fort and the sight is one to behold...the Mulshi lake, the mountain ranges, a bird's eye view of Amby Valley, an airstrip with a biplane and the Dukes nose in the distance.
The fort houses an ancient temple with a 4 feet tall statue of the goddess Koraidevi and a number of cannons. There is no food available on the fort and we sat along the largest pond, our tired feet soaking in the cool water, munching on the snacks we'd carried with us. Soon the sun was overhead and despite the the breeze our sun burnt skin coaxed us to leave the fort and start our descent. The climb down is much simpler. Soon we were back at the base village and in our car headed to Lonavala.

After a late lunch we caught an ST bus back to the city. Twelve hours after we'd started our journey from Dadar we were back in Mumbai..a little tired, very sun burnt but mostly happy from our little get-away from the city.


29028-Adventure World said...

Good afternoon.
Its really nice to go through your blog.

Good photos but still you can have a photos of east side gates with sunrise or western side gates with canon and sun set.

Name of fort is Korigad and it is clearly mention in Chatrapait Shivaji Maharajs official letter.

It is controlling entire KorBaras Mawal means Mountain Taluka that's the reason its name is Korigad and Goddess who protects the entire Korbaras mawal is Korimata.

You will find the details in British Gazatieers also.

If you go the Mumba mata in Mumbai and see the ornaments then please remember the Korimata because that ornaments was belongs to Korimata and it was gifted to Mumbamata by Col Prathars team when they attacked on the fort on 21st March 1818 and won the fort.

Height is 3041 feet from Sea level and you can view the creek of Nagothene from the fort if it is having very clear smokeless weather.

there are some hidden caves and temples also.

I was the fort incharge when I was in Amby valley project to look after entire adventure from 2000 to 2006.

Being part of Amby valley, I feel proud not to compromise with Chatrapati SHivajis principle while conducting any events/programmes on the fort and told management many times "NO" at the stake of my career growth.

Lastly I paid the price and left the Sahara not Ambavane area in 2006 August.

Still I am Silver+ card holder of the Sahara Group that was awarded by Hon'ble Shri Subroto Roy in 2002.

Maintain / protect / develop the heritage wealth of Maharashtra and Shivrai to keep pride of Maharashtra and India always high and up.

Thanking you

If you have any doubt or require any support then contact

Jayant Dofey
Head - Team 29028

web -- (shortly it will be on)
or you can view details through and further to the organazations page.

or type Jayant DOfey in Google.

cell -- 09823129439

we are the only one who consult and organzie all adventure trainings/learnings anywere in the universe.

Jayant Dofey

r4y said...

"we are the only one who consult and organzie all adventure trainings/learnings anywere in the universe."

In the universe..? Ooo... mr Dofey please please please!! I want to organise trip to Atlantean temple of rejuvenation on the 7th Dimension.. pleeeeeasse!! ^_^

Peter said...

Nice write up. keep it up. hope to see more in 2009 :)