Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I rummaged through the shelves in my room today, looking for nothing in particular. Sometimes mindless activities can be quite therapeutic on days when your brain is working overtime on myriad thoughts that your mind can't cope with.
I found a whole bunch of old, useless things still lying on my shelf when they should have made their way into the dustbin years ago...an old, broken mouse, old visiting cards, a plastic bull(toy), cut-out articles from newspapers and magazines and a very old diary.
I let most of the things stay where I found them(I plan to clean my shelf and deal with them soon) and crawled into bed with my old diary. I'd forgotten its existence and as I flipped through the yellowed pages, I found myself smiling....the diary dated back to 1993 to a time when I regularly maintained a dairy and penned my thoughts before going to bed everyday....My diary was my confidant, and to it I would narrate stories about crushes and heartaches, disappointments and joy...all the little things on a 15 year old's mind. The diary was witness to the many poems I wrote about life, pets, friends....poems that I never shared with anyone barring my grandmother who patiently listened to every single one of them.

On 1st Dec '93, in a very pensive mood, I penned a poem I called 'Words'. Here it is...

Think before you say something
Think before you say anything
'cause the time can arise when you'll regret
your thoughtless words that made you lose a friend.

Words are powerful, words are strong.
They can build a wall, they can tear it down.
They can make you cry, they can make you smile.
They can build a bond, they can create a fight.

Careless words may wound the heart,
so every word must be given a thought.
A wound in the heart only words can heal.
So remember, words are a big deal!!
Choose your words with great choice
They will give you poise in life.


Unknown said...

i still am in love with your pen...(not the keyboard for now :-) )

crypticrow said...

glad u chose to share the poem with people other than ur granny :) :)

Laxmi Salgaonkar said...

@ Nis...thanks a lot
@ Kalz.....hehe...taken me 15 years!!

shuchika said...


do bigha zameen said...

that's a lovely poem, you should write more often

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great poem.... 15 years of memories...lots of thoughts..keep it up

Mohit said...

I hadn't seen this post before. If you found your earlier poems, you'd likely have found a poem I used to love. Though I can't remember the exact words now, but it had something like "let's go back to being how we used to be before we met" or something of that sort toward the end of the poem. Do you know which one I'm talking about? I remember noticing when I'd read it that somewhere in that poem there was a very clever piece of rhyming. Don't remember the details now. If you have that poem, can you send that to me, please?